Cult of the Dragon Queen

HODQ_banner_1.pngThe Cult of the Dragon Queen is a militant religious sect that believes Tiamat, the Dragon Queen, to be the one true god. The Cult has seized power over many other dragon-worshiping cabals across Tymor, and seems to be using them to amass gold and treasure. The true leadership of the Cult is unknown, but they seem to be led by five influential demagogues known as Wyrmspeakers.


  1. Tiamat is the only true god, and all must worship her radiance.
  2. The return of the Dragons signals the beginning of Tiamat’s final judgment.
  3. Tiamat will reshape the world in her divine image, and will reward all true believers with power and wealth beyond compare.

The Cult of the Dragon Queen sprung into existence about three years ago when two smaller dragon cults joined forces. Their sudden rise to prominence worried the Harpers, and they dispatched a half-elf named Leosin to investigate. They are gathering vast amounts of wealth through tithes and raids in order to form the “Hoard of the Dragon Queen,” but their ultimate goals are currently unknown to all but their most trusted members.

Notable Members

Cult of the Dragon Queen

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