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The Khanate of Tymor is a shattered land. In ages past, its people were united by a powerful khan who is said to have conquered the world, creating an empire that lasted one thousand years. That empire has been destroyed. Today, the people of Tymor struggle to rebuild their world from the ashes of the Dragonwinter. Now, the desolate land of Tymor stretches from the Emerald Coast in the west to the mountains of Thay in the east, and from Tymor’s Crown in the north to the Shattered Coast in the south.

History of Tymor

The Dragonwinter, Y1150 – The most devastating event in Tymorian history, myth, or legend. Led by their five-headed goddess Tiamat, a legion of five thousand Dragons descended upon the mighty Khanate of Tymor. They wreaked such destruction that dust and ash covered the sun, plunging Tymor into an unnatural winter that lasted for nearly five generations. Few survived.

The Dragonwinter Ends, Y1242 – The holy men say the gods blessed a band of heroes, and these heroes cast Tiamat into the Nine Hells for eternity, scattering her legion of Dragons. But the land had suffered. Great forests were reduced to cinders, pristine lakes had been transformed into fetid swamps, and entire empires had been razed to the ground. Only the Emerald Coast was spared total destruction.

The Phoenix Age, Y1243 – Most survivors on the Emerald Coast banded together to rebuild their homeland. Meanwhile, charismatic warlords amassed great armies to create their own khanates across the land.

Rise of Thay, Y1297 – The Magocracy of Thay, Tymor’s eastern neighbor, was once the Khanate’s greatest ally. No one knows exactly what day Thayan wizards returned to Tymor, but it was a day of slaughter. Led by a shadowy cabal called the Scarlet Brotherhood, the Red Wizards of Thay stormed the eastern badlands, killing many and taking more as slaves.

The Triumvirate Forms, Y1300 – It took two years for word of Thay’s incursion into Tymor to reach the Emerald Coast. After a third year of secret councils and civilian riots, the West formed a coalition of cities called the Triumvirate to drive the Red Wizards from Tymor.

The Age of Suffering, Y1302 to Present – Tymor is engulfed in an age of endless conflict. Warring khans and unnatural beasts plague the Midlands and the Dragon Wastes. In the West, the Emerald Coast is prosperous but stagnant. Thay remains a mystery. The Thayan slave raids stopped abruptly in Y1345, and no one can say why.

Tymor, early Summer Y1349 – The story begins in Greenest, a town in the southern Midlands. Saplings and fields of green grass have miraculously begun to sprout again, and there is hope that Greenest may be the birthplace of a glorious new Tymor.


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