The land has suffered. It will suffer further.

If the Dragons return, Tymor will perish. In the wake of the Dragonwinter, the dying land of Tymor is ruled by laws of conquest, for despots are its only governors.

In the deserts of the east, the Red Wizards enslave the innocent with twisted spells. The giants have reclaimed their ancestral thrones in the north, unseating the stony dwarves and hardy northmen. The Midlands are reduced to blasted wastes and putrid swamplands, forever tainted by the ashes of the Dragonwinter.

Even the seaside castles and ancient forests of the Emerald Coast are not safe. Chaos tears at the edges of civilization, and Dragons have again been seen below the mountains…

Summer of Dragons is a Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in a homemade “Sword and Sorcery” world. Tymor is a fantasy world that has just weathered a draconic apocalypse. In it, your characters will fight epic battles and unravel a cataclysmic mystery.

Unlike other flavors of fantasy, Sword and Sorcery is a genre that owes more to Howard (Conan the Barbarian) and Burroughs (Tarzan and John Carter) than to Tolkien. In a Sword and Sorcery setting, heroes are motivated by self-interest (though not necessarily selfishness) and a desire to protect the ones they love. Their heroism shines brightly in contrast to the truly evil people they fight.

Summer of Dragons

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