Summer of Dragons

Escape from Thay


Tymorian Year 1349, Early Summer

A group of one hundred slaves escaped from southern Thay in the dead of night. Thirty made it to the Thaymouth, a treacherous mountain pass separating Thay from the Khanate of Tymor.

Three of these slaves battled Thay’s Red Wizards and their gnoll slavers in a desperate attempt to escape captivity. The monk Manus Mortis, the halfling Corrin Hornblower, and the tiefling Carnelian escaped that night into the Plains of Death.

There they met a member of the Harpers named Leosin, who guided them to the small town of Greenest, a town where nature has rebounded after the devastating Dragonwinter. Here, they sleep soundly for the first time in months…


joeyhaeck joeyhaeck

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