Summer of Dragons

Red Wizard, Cobalt Cultist

Prologue, Part 2

Having escaped from Thay and recovered in Greenest, the party confers with Leosin, the Harper, and learns that a Red Wizard named Azbara Jos has set up a fortress in the southern plains. The Thayan wizard had plagued the region for months, attacking small villages and taking slaves and gold from all around.

Leosin informed the party of a large bounty that had been placed on Azbara’s head, and that he had been hired to eliminate the wizard, but that he had been distracted by disturbing news of a mystery cult called the Cobalt Claw. Originally just another small sect of dragon worshipers, the Claw had suddenly rose to extreme power in the city of Landfall.

The party, seeking revenge on the Red Wizards of Thay, assumed Leosin’s name to secretly hunt Azbara Jos. They tracked the wizard to his stronghold, where he was dealing with a blue-robed elf, a member of the Cobalt Claw who Azbara called “Lady Mondath.” The cultist was apparently collecting a vast hoard of gold from Azbara, who said that they would meet again in the town of Daggerford.

The party infiltrated the fortress and attempted to murder the wizard, but he was able to activate his teleportation circle before the killing blow could be struck. The tiefling druid Carnelian helped the party escape by transforming into a giant eagle and carrying them back to Greenest.

When they returned to the keep, a Greenest soldier informed them that Governor Nighthill wished to speak with them in the morning. “The governor wishes to speak to every wanderer in Greenest on the morrow…”


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