Cobalt Claw

CBLT_banner_1_.pngThe Cobalt Claw is a cult that worships the bones and scales of a blue Dragon that was killed during the Dragonwinter. They hoard wealth like Dragons and frequently make human sacrifices to their azure god. They have small hideaways on the Brownfields and the Plains of the Dead, and are even said to have a major temple in Landfall.


  1. Dragons are the angelic messengers of the goddess Tiamat.
  2. When the Dragons return, those who worship them will be spared Judgment.
  3. Even nonbelievers can be saved if they give wealth to the Hoard of the Dragon Queen.


Little is known about the Claw’s true goals. Most believe that they are just another mystery cult, worshiping the bones of a fallen Dragon. But several months ago, a great tower was constructed in Landfall. The Claw seems to be more organized than originally suspected, a fact that unnerves high-ranking members of the Lords’ Alliance.

Notable Members

Cobalt Claw

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