Emerald Coast

_banner__emerald_coast.pngThe Emerald Coast is a fertile, civilized region along Tymor’s western coast. By some miracle, it was spared most of the chaos and destruction brought on by the Dragonwinter. Local legend says that the wily fey fooled the Dragons into thinking that they had already destroyed the great faerie forests. Three great cities—which together are called the Triumvirate—still stand along the Emerald Coast, ensuring the people of the West protection from the power-hungry despots that ravage the Midlands.

Landfall is the southernmost city in the Triumvirate. Bordering the tall grasses of the Greenfields, it benefits from healthy apple orchards and gentle, temperate breezes. Pirates are known to lurk on small islands near Landfall, preying on ships bearing produce for the northern cities. The landscape near Landfall is strewn with crumbling, abandoned fortresses which once sheltered entire villages during the Dragonwinter.

Ondine is a rainy city that spans from the edge of the sea to the western banks of Lake Tymora. It was burned to the ground during the Dragonwinter, but its people were able to rebuild. During the Dragonwinter, the people of Ondine fled into the corkscrewing caves within the Seapeak, a massive mountain buried beneath the waters of Ondine Bay. The city of Ondine is also the fortified capital of the modern Khanate of Tymor.

Odinsgate is the threshold to the frozen Northlands and the Petrified Sea. It is a city of strong traditions but few laws, and is home to seafaring vikings, barbarian outcasts, and peerless warriors. Though snowy Odinsgate appears to be part of the wild Northlands at first glance, its towering pine forests and rich ecosystem are hallmarks of the Emerald Coast.

Emerald Coast

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