Red Wizards

THAY_banner_2_.pngThe Red Wizards of Thay are an order of magi from the Magocracy of Thay, across the mountains in the east. The Red Wizards guard their secrets tightly, and they are as sadistic as they are enigmatic. All members of their order shave their heads and tattoo arcane sigils all over their bodies. They have killed thousands of Tymorians with their black magic, and have dominated and enslaved thousands more.


  1. Magic is the greatest force in the universe, and its masters deserve to rule all lesser beings.
  2. Laws serve only to protect the weak; all men must be their own judge and executioner.
  3. Nature must be bent to the will of the living.


A Red Wizard would sooner die than be captured, and are known to use alchemical poisons and deadly magic to self-terminate in order to escape interrogation. Though their motivations are unclear, Thayan wizards have established tyrannical strongholds in the eastern deserts of Tymor, and have likely used powerful enchantments and illusions to infiltrate local Tymorian governments.

Notable Members

Red Wizards

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