Leosin Erlanthar

leosin.pngLeosin Erlanthar is a half-elf and Harper agent. He saved Manus Mortis, Carnelian, and Corrin from certain doom in the Plains of the Dead after they escaped from Thay.

Leosin is a spy and infiltrator. He was a traveling bard in his youth, and has friends in many small towns across the western wastes. Their good will allows him to live frugally and hide from his many enemies in the homes of his admirers.

Leosin was assigned to investigate the Cobalt Claw‘s activities near Greenest. However, during the Raid of Greenest, he was overwhelmed by the cult’s thugs and was captured. The heroes rescued him during their investigation of the Claw’s camp, and he rushed to meet with his comrade Ontharr Frume as soon as his wounds healed.

He does not know the Cult of the Dragon Queen’s plans, but he intends to discover where they are sending their stolen gold and reveal their ultimate goal.

Leosin Erlanthar

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